Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Valued Keepsake

I had the great privilege to spend a late evening with one of my musical heroes and guitar influences after he performed for us in February of 1981. It struck me to have him sign one of his LPs that I happened to have.
He was surprised when I ran home and brought back an instructional LP he had once produced (If You Love These Blues, Play "Em As You Please) instead of the more obvious, acclaimed Super Session album. He joked that I must have found it in a bargain bin and must be one of the only people around to have a copy and then signed the album at left. I had found him to be such a warm and accessible person who genuinely shared his knowledge and talent with the world.
It was one of Michael Bloomfield's last performances just nights before he was found dead in his car of an apparent accidental drug overdose. He had suffered for years from insomnia.